Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A gold doll and an old lady doll

Update: I sold the old lady doll at Empire but not the monkey-faced dandy.

The gold doll is made of fabric beads joined together with buttons. The face is needle felted. I wanted it to look like a dandy from the 1700s. Unfortunately, it looks like a monkey-faced creature in a very peculiar outfit. "It" measures about 14 inches.

The white doll is made of satin fabric beads with a knitted dress. I wanted her to look young and springlike, but she ended up as an old lady with an attitude. She measures about 9 inches.

I hope to sell these two at the Empire quilters guild show in Manhattan this March.

The Abominable Madonna

If there are abominable snow men (or Yeti), then there must be abominable snow women and their babies, too. The mother here measures about 16 inches and is made of knitted, crocheted, and felted wool. The baby is needle felted.

Two weird pink dolls

Update: I sold both of these dolls at Empire.

I made these two dolls for the Empire quilters guild show this March ( The cross-eyed doll measures about nine inches, and the one with the long neck, about 18 inches. My friends tell me the the bigger doll has a face that reminds them of a chicken! The head and limbs are made from Knitted wool tubes that were felted in the washing machine. The hair consists of crocheted wool also felted in the washing machine. Buttons and beads form the joints.

Mostly blue yarn & fabric dolls

I sold the doll with the knobby hands & feet and the light blue hair at Empire.

These dolls measure approximately 18 inches long. Their hair consists of crocheted chains of wool that were felted in a washing machine. One has fabric beads for its appendages; the other two have knitted and felted tubes. I plan to offer them for sale at the Empire quilters guild show this March (

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fiber & Yarn Dioramas

Here are some dioramas that started as 6 x 6 x 2 inch boxes that were then covered and filled with knitted, crocheted, quilted, & beaded elements. I am hoping to display and sell them at Artomatic 2009 in Washington DC.