Sunday, November 13, 2016

Free-form, beaded crochet lizard

This wall hanging titled, "Tropical Vacation," measures 21 in H x 18.5 in W and was completed in 2016. Materials are cotton fabrics, yarns, beads, clothesline, and threads. It made its debut at the 69th Annual Members Exhibition at the Quinlan Visual Arts Center (Gainesville, Georgia) and will be on view through November 26, 2016.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Miniature grandmother's flower garden quilt with rabbit

This quilt was made as part of a guild challenge for the 2016 Heart in Hand Quilt Show (Dawson County, GA:Sept 30-Oct 28). The quilt measures 12 inches wide by 18 inches long. I assembled it using the English paper piecing technique with hexagons that measured 1/2 inch in diameter. I then machine quilted it. The bunny rabbit was purchased for one dollar from a Goodwill thrift shop.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Garden quilts inspired by a class taught by Jean Wells Keenan

I started the quilt titled "Purple Alliums" in a 2016 Empty Spools Seminars class ( with Jean Wells Keenan where she taught us how to make an abstract design from a photograph. My photo was of purple allium flowers. I made the second quilt titled "Summer Solstice" after I returned home from the workshop. The design was based on my childhood memories of my mother's summer zinnia gardens. Both quilts  measure about 24 inches wide by 26 inches high and are constructed from quilt cottons and designer fabrics. The allium flowers are embroidered with a blanket stitch of red embroidery floss. They are currently on display and for sale at the Bowery Art Gallery & Studio in Apalachicola, FL (
Purple Alliums

Summer Solstice

Monday, June 27, 2016

Textile Study Group of New York--Yard Works--Accepted piece titled, "Permian Tide Pool Party"

This piece titled, "Permian Tide Pool Party," measures 18 inches wide x 36 inches long. It was submitted and accepted into the following show:

YARD WORKS--a juried exhibition of works created by members of the Textile Study Group of New York (TSGNY). All artwork in the exhibition will be documented with a printed catalog.

Juror: Janusz Jawarski, Program Director for Chashama (organization in charge of Durst Lobby Exhibitions) will jury the exhibition.

YARD WORKS will be exhibited in the the Lobby Gallery of the Durst Building at 1133 Avenue of the Americas in New York City. The gallery is on the street level and is accessible to employees of the building’s corporate and business offices and their visitors, offering TSGNY an important opportunity to reach new audiences.

The gallery will be open to the public during the reception on October 6, 2016, from 6 to 8 pm. At other times, it will be open by appointment only. The exhibition will run from September 21 through November 16, 2016.

Permian Tide Pool Party is a collage of crocheted and knitted elements plus a mix of buttons, beads, wire, and fabric.

Button and bead lionfish wall plaque

This plaque measures 11 inches wide x 11 inches high. The blue background is made from a recipe of 1 part cornstarch to 1 part PVA white glue such as Elmer's Glue All. The mix was shaped, allowed to dry, and then painted and stained. Once dry, it was hard enough to drill and to sand. I embroidered the fish onto stiff interfacing and then added buttons and beads. Check out the cool skull beads (gift from my friend Debby) on the end of the poisonous spines. This piece is currently on display and for sale at the Bowery Art Gallery & Studio, Apalachicola, FL (

 Although beautiful, the lionfish is an obnoxious invasive species in the Gulf of Mexico. However, I understand that it's quite tasty, once its poisonous spines have been removed. Here's an interesting link if you want to learn more about lionfish--

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Button and Bead Chameleon Wall Plaque

Title: Chameleon
Materials: Cotton interfacing, buttons, beads, sequins
Size:  7 H x 12 W
Year: 2015

This piece was made by sewing buttons and beads with Nymo thread onto a stiff interfacing.


Crochet lizard on art quilt wall hanging

Title:  Tropical Vacation
    Materials: Cotton fabrics, yarn, beads, thread
    Size: 21 H x 18.5 W
    Year: 2016

This is a quilted wall hanging with a crocheted, beaded lizard attached. The green and orange area of the quilt consists of fabric strips wrapped around cotton clothesline that was then stitched together.

Button and bead mullet fish


This framed mullet fish measures 18 inches long. I recently sold it at the Bowery Art Gallery ( in Apalachicola, Florida.