Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Garden Buddha in the Grass with Peony

Last summer I took a class on landscape quilts, and the teacher requested that we bring a photograph to class. Normally I work from my own photos, but being pressed for time, I snagged a picture off a blog posting about peonies (June 15, 2009) written by Valerie Easton (www.valeaston.com). I initially took that picture to class figuring I would just use it to learn new techniques. But then I fell in love both with the photograph and the project. So next I thought it prudent to ask Ms. Easton’s permission to use her photograph before I proceeded to completion. I offered to give her full credit for the photograph that was the inspiration for my work if I displayed the piece anywhere. She graciously gave me permission for its use.

Posted are: 1) the photograph by Valerie Easton; 2) my interpretation of her photograph in cotton, silk, paper, & paint (18.5 x 25 inches); 3) detail of the Buddha; and 4) detail of the peony.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Cat--A Portrait in Fabric Strips

Last year, I took a class from Esterita Austin at Empty Spools Seminars near Pacific Grove, CA. Students were supposed to bring to class a picture of a person to use as a template for a wall hanging. Instead, I brought a photograph I took of my female cat, "PT." It was a lot of work to cut all those fabric strips for her fur and to sew each one to a background, but I love the results. This piece, which measures about 35 x 22 inches has won two ribbons at quilt shows in Georgia.

Fabric Mandala--Tropical Vacation

Like the two previous mandalas, this one measures about 2 feet in diameter. A long time ago, I crocheted the gray lizard and heavily beaded it. Then I put it in a drawer out of site for several years. When I started making mandalas, I thought this guy would be perfect for the center. I surrounded him with bright tropical colors, both in woven fabric strips and chunky acrylic beads. I like to think that he is the one taking the tropical vacation as opposed to a tourist seeing him on his/her vacation.

Fabric Mandala--Swampwise II

The alligator was made by English paper piecing. The foundation for this mandala is fabric strips wrapped around clothesline and zigzagged together. There is an overlay of woven fabric strips plus lots of applique motifs. Also some lace, some tulle, and lots of beads. This is the second in a series that pays tribute to Okefenokee Joe, a popular host of a show about the swamp on Georgia Public TV quite a few years ago.

Fabric Mandala--Astral Projection

This one measures about 2 ft in diameter and is made of fabric coiled around clothesline with surface treatments of applique (mola style) and lots and lots of beads plus paint.