Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Garden Buddha in the Grass with Peony

Last summer I took a class on landscape quilts, and the teacher requested that we bring a photograph to class. Normally I work from my own photos, but being pressed for time, I snagged a picture off a blog posting about peonies (June 15, 2009) written by Valerie Easton (www.valeaston.com). I initially took that picture to class figuring I would just use it to learn new techniques. But then I fell in love both with the photograph and the project. So next I thought it prudent to ask Ms. Easton’s permission to use her photograph before I proceeded to completion. I offered to give her full credit for the photograph that was the inspiration for my work if I displayed the piece anywhere. She graciously gave me permission for its use.

Posted are: 1) the photograph by Valerie Easton; 2) my interpretation of her photograph in cotton, silk, paper, & paint (18.5 x 25 inches); 3) detail of the Buddha; and 4) detail of the peony.

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