Friday, July 2, 2010

Evil Eye Fabric Postcards

These quilted postcards are meant to be charms against evils of the world. They measure 4.25 x 5.5 inches and are backed with card stock. Each can be sent as a postcard through the US mail as long as it is hand-metered first for non-machinable postage. I have successfully sent dozens of these for less than a dollar each throughout the United States. Recipients are always surprised by the intricacy of the work and have expressed pleasure in receiving them. As they are essentially miniature works of art, each card has a small tab attached to the back for hanging.

The back of each postcard reads:


Because of:

Oil spills/global warming/wars all over the place/hostile nations/volcanic eruptions/serial killers/talk radio morons/fundamentalists/earthquakes/corrupt politicians/bad cops/drivers who text/medical errors/terrorists/defective merchandise/corporate greed/food poisoning/sexual predators/ telemarketers/home invasions/rabid animals/escaped lunatics/vengeful ex’s/abusive caregivers/crazed gunmen/crooked mechanics/shady lawyers/early-onset Alzheimer’s/high cholesterol/the obesity epidemic/gang initiations/that guy who gives you the creeps….

You need evil eye protection for your family, friends, and yourself.
Hang this card in your home, office, or keep it on your person at all times.


I have them for sale in my Etsy store.

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